[Praxis] -- the practice of an art, science or skill.

Praxis Project provides modern and contemporary dance instruction in a workshop format for an intensive six-week period every year, and supports choreographers and dance year round.

Praxis Project aims to build and strengthen the dance community in Los Angeles and beyond. Each year, we bring dancers and choreographers together for an intensive six-week period. Often connections are made that continue beyond the workshop and into future artistic and professional endeavors. When observing workshop classes, one cannot help but notice the extreme diversity of the student body. Participants are not only diverse in terms of age, geographic and socio-economic background, but also in terms of dance and dance training. This diversity results in a unique dynamic, where students receive an increased social and artistic consciousness, while simultaneously honing their craft.

Annual Summer Workshop – On hiatus until further notice
This intensive workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced level dancers interested in developing their skills as performers and expanding their training through immersion in diverse techniques and repertory. Each day will consist of a 1 hour modern technique class followed by a 3-hour repertory session. Participants will learn how to quickly adopt varied techniques and styles, with an eye toward refining dynamics, musicality, self- expression, group interaction and internal focus. The workshop session will culminate in an informal performance. Enrollment is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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