photos by Keith Weng


"Praxis is one-of-a-kind in Los Angeles. The staff and choreographers are amazing! They remind me why I love to dance!"

Shari Washington Rhone (Professional dancer/participant)

Praxis Project thanks its many individual and organizational supporters, and we are honored to specifically thank the following past and present supporters:

Kevin Birch
Bley Stein Foundation
Cary Collons
City of Los Angeles, Community Redevelopment
City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs
Community Dynamics
Rio Gabriel Cyrus
Disney Worldwide
Aimee Ellicott
Gilmore Associates
Gladys Turk Foundation
Gold’s Gym
Grand Performances
The Herman and Lorene Jacobs Foundation
JH Snyder Company
LA Weekly
Nicole LaCour
Miramax Films
Andrea Nevins
Panda Express
Ed Rosenthal
Waneka Ruffin
Sheila and Jeffrey Lane Foundation
Darryl Tishler
Ann Vanino/Moving Forward
and many more!

Praxis is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. If you are interested in supporting us, you can mail us your donation check.

Please make check payable to Praxis Project and mail it to:

Praxis Project
2301 W. 20th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Or, feel free to contact us at or 213-840-1766.

Any donations made to Praxis Project are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support!

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